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The story is set in Monstropolis, a 1930s retro city inhabited by monsters, and centers around Monsters, Inc., the city's power company. Monsters, Inc. sends its employees to human children's bedrooms to scare the children, through teleportation doors set up on the work floor. The screams of children generate electric power for the city. However, the monsters believed that children themselves are toxic, and go to great lengths to prevent contact; should a monster be touched by a child or their belongings, the Child Detection Agency (CDA) is called to sanitize the affected being. With increasing numbers of children becoming desensitized to scary things, Monsters, Inc. is finding it difficult to continue to meet the power demands of the city.

One day, James P. Sullivan ("Sulley"), Monsters, Inc.'s top scarer, finds a door on the work floor after hours in violation of policy. Peering inside, he finds the child's room empty. Sulley hides when he hears Randall Boggs, a competitive co-worker, enter the work floor and returns the door back to the company's door vault. Sulley prepares to leave but finds that a human girl has followed him through the door, thinking him to be a giant kitty. Sulley quickly hides the child and gets hold of Mike Wazowski, his co-worker, to figure out the situation. Together at Sulley's home, they discover that being touched by the child is not harmful at all, and that when she laughs, the power surges to incredible levels, almost causing them to be detected by the CDA. Sulley nicknames the child "Boo" and becomes her caretaker until they can get her back home.

Sulley and Mike disguise Boo as a monster and return to Monsters, Inc. the next day. As Mike attempts to get the right door to return Boo, Boo wanders off into the plant, with Sulley giving chase. They accidentally stumble upon Randall and his "scream extractor", a device that takes the screams directly from a child, which requires Randall to actually kidnap the child from their room and bring to the extractor. Sulley takes Boo and attempts to tell Monsters, Inc.'s CEO, Herny J. Waternoose, about Randall, but is forced to demonstrate his scaring skills to new employees before he can do so. When he scares the robot subject, Boo becomes frightened of him, and reveals herself as a human. Sulley tries to explain the situation to Waternoose, but comes to realize that Waternoose actually conceived the whole plan as to keep Monsters, Inc. a profitable business. To keep them quiet, Waternoose orders Sulley and Mike exiled to the Himalayas, and gives Boo to Randall in order to extract her screams.

Sulley and Mike, after a brief falling out, realize that Boo's life is in danger, and find a nearby village where they locate a door connected to the work floor. They are just in time to save Boo from the extractor, and attempt to catch Randall, eventually leading to a chase on and through the millions of doors in the door vault. They eventually capture Randall and push him through a door, and then smash the door to pieces to prevent him returning through it. Sulley, Mike, and Boo then lure Waternoose into a trap, forcing him to reveal his plan while they were recording it as to present the information to the CDA. Waternoose is taken away, but the CDA insists that Boo must return to her world. Sadly, Sulley and Mike say goodbye to Boo, and watch as the CDA put her door through a wood chipper, reducing it to splinters, one which Sulley holds onto as a keepsack.

Sometime later, Sulley has become the CEO of Monsters, Inc., and has changed their approach: instead of scaring children, they make them laugh, which generates significantly more energy, making all the employees happy. Mike reveals a special project to Sulley: he has managed to rebuild Boo's door save the one piece Sulley kept, and invites him to finish it. Sulley places the last piece and enters the door, where Boo instantly recognizes him, much to Sulley's happiness.


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