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й All rights reserved! The rights to broadcasting and the responsibility for the content of the broadcasted information - belong to Broadcasting companies which provide the Live Ether! This website is only the free-of-charge Media-catalogue of Internet resources that are available in the Internet.

We do not provide stream independently! Media-catalogue лTELEKANAL╗ was developed to simplify access to media-resources and streams, what accessible in the Internet, for users of personal computers and other consumer electronic devices what have access to the Internet.

We respect the Private Policies of all broadcasting companies, which media-resources, are presented in our catalogue. If any broadcasting company or radio station doesnТt want to see the reference to the their media-resource and website in Media-catalogue лTELEKANAL╗ Ц please familiarize with the Policy of removal the media-resources from the catalogue лTELEKANAL╗ in section "Add Channel" or click here.

If any visitor of our Media-catalogue doesnТt want to use the interface of our website Ц he has an opportunity to skip directly to website of broadcasting companies by clicking on the Logo of this company.


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лTELEKANAL╗ recognizes the importance of protection of the private and personal information about visitors of our website. лTELEKANAL╗ doesnТt make automatic collecting of private and personal information about our visitors. Personal information: Your name, age, address or E-mail addresses. Such information collects only when was knowingly and voluntary submitted. We guarantee its non-distribution and we will not publish on any of our websites, except emergency situations (read below). We can collect only some non-personal information to use it, for the analysis of statistics and optimization of our website. Non-personal information: total visitors, your country, your provider, ▓╨, type of OS, screen resolution, etc... The non-personal information doesnТt include any personal information and is not private.

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At that time as лTELEKANAL╗ aspires to respect and protect your private and personal information Ц we cannot guarantee safety of any information which has been published by you, in the Guest book, Forum or Chat.

The private or personal information can be disclosed only in emergency situation, when лTELEKANAL╗ has the reason to consider that performance of such actions is necessary for identification, contact or bring legal action (court claim) against persons, who involved in any illegal actions against the Media-catalogue лTELEKANAL╗ or serious damage of our website.

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